About the Podcast

Are you an outstanding and amazing baby boomer who refuses to act their age? Then you’re in the right place!

My name is Terry Lohrbeer and I am your host for Kickass Boomers. Married for the past 51 years with four grown children, I work as a realtor in the Greater Delaware Valley Area in Pennsylvania, a career I started 17 years ago at age 55. I am now 72.

As I approached turning 70, I began to take account of the scope of my life. I realized that I still had an unfulfilled dream. I felt my purpose in life was to inspire others, and I dreamed of being an inspirational speaker and teacher like the all-time great Zig Ziglar.

That didn’t happen when I was younger, but I came to understand that nothing was holding me back now. So, as I enter my 7th decade of living, I am re-inventing myself again to become a podcaster.

Join me on my journey to become and stay a Kickass Boomer!

– Terry Lohrbeer

About the Podcast

Kickass Boomers is an interview format podcast where I have conversations with Boomers of all ages who do amazing things: like writing their first book in their 70s, or starting an online business in their 60s.

I envision this podcast to be a one-stop-shopping for boomers who need inspiration and motivation along their own journey to live their dreams. I look forward to hearing from my Boomer Nation about their journey and challenges.

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To help us have fun and get inspired along the way, I have also set up both a Facebook and a LinkedIn group, both called Kickass Boomers. Buzz on over and join one of our communities and meet other boomers just like you from all over the world.

It is never too late to live the life of your dreams, a life of purpose and passion well into your sixties, seventies, and beyond. Boomers are reinventing aging, they are living longer, better and healthier than any other generation, and they want to stay engaged and active.

What about that bee?

If you look at my podcast artwork you will see a Granny Pilot. She symbolizes how we can do anything we want as seniors, even learning to fly.

The bee flying around her head signifies that we as boomers can inspire one another to be of service to our communities and the world by pollinating other baby boomers and all ages to live their best life, a life inspired.

My dream is that Kickass Boomers will become an international movement. I believe my podcast will play an integral part in that movement by bringing you inspiring stories of baby boomers from around the world staying engaged and active and reinventing aging.

Join me on the journey to Bee Bold Not Old!

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